Saturday, September 17, 2011

*Attention: Adult Content {18+}* Finally get some foreplay w/ EdenFantasys!

[This is my 1st EdenFantasys post and I'm going to be completely honest and upfront with you because I don't think there's anything to be ashamed about when it comes to sex. Sex is meant to be enjoyed!]

I headed to EdenFantasys and my boyfriend and I both looked around at all the fun stuff they have. By the way, unless its a surprise gift, have your man join you on EdenFantasys, he'll love that you're even thinking about ordering. You can pick out stuff together since you'll be enjoying it together ;)

One thing I desire more in my relationship is foreplay. Its the exciting prelude! And I know I'm not alone in this! It helps to be 'warmed up', it makes everything much more intense. Touch is such a strong sense and can give you the shivers and tingles that make getting to the sex so much more fun. For me, I enjoy the time spent enjoying each others bodies and getting a momentum built up- it adds to the excitement. 

There is more than one 'g-spot' on your body- and foreplay can help you discover all the spots on your body that work for you. You and your lover can both find out new things about each others bodies and that's the way to have a great sex life. 

Foreplay for is a way of saying, 'I'm so excited to be with you and I want to take the time to appreciate alllll of you' - what better way to indulge in pleasure than taking your time to pay attention to every inch? 

I wanted to share with you the great sex toys that I found that could help with making the foreplay go on and on.. 

On To The Fun!!

Body Dust Powder
If you're looking for some romantic foreplay that makes you feel gorgeous, try the Honey Dust Powder! This soft and delicate powder is made from pure honey. Bring in the romance with the included feather applicator. The applicator can also bring in the tickling aspect if you're into that. Its completely edible and comes in 4 yummy flavors to try. 

Body Paint
You can also be playful and creative and try their Chocolate Body Paint! You can turn your lover into your own (delicious) work of art. You can try all 3 flavors (I'd love to try chocolate/raspberry) of chocolate variations. I think it would make it so much fun to do some finger painting!

Body Souffle
The name alone intrigued me because it sounds so sensual and decadent. If you want an product that does double duty as a moisturizer and an edible cream then try the Body Souffle! It comes in 4 different flavors and if you're looking for a more rich and creamy texture, this is it! 

I already have some tattoos, but this is a fun offbeat way to get some foreplay going. If you've ever played around with the idea of getting a tattoo, then try the Tastee Tattoos! These edible tattoo shapes stick to your body for your lover to nibble off. You get 40 of them per box in a bunch of fun flavors. These could be a lot of fun! 

Try a Kit!
They also have a bunch of sex kits! Perfect if you want to have a sexy weekend or getaway as they include a couple of items to try. A couple of kits are also really romantic and would be perfect for an anniversary or wedding night! 

I love EdenFantasys- its a great sex shop to make foreplay the exciting playtime before you get to your fireworks. And if you're not getting fireworks, EdenFantasys can help you with that too! Happy shopping ;)

[*I was compensated for this post; however, the opinions and thoughts are completely my own based on my experience.]

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