Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eco Lips Review & Giveaway!

About Eco Lips

The Story: It all started with Andrea Danielson, who would make natural lip balms in her kitchen. She passed one along to Steve Shriver (who would later become her hubby, cute) and they ended up developing Eco Lips. 

The Products: Eco Lips contains organic products such as: organic beeswax, organic plant oils and organic essential oils. It is handcrafted at low temperatures to keep nutrients from deteriorating. They pledge 1% of profits to environmentally focused organizations. 

The Packaging: The Eco Lips lip containers are 40% recycled. The Eco Clips to hold the Eco Lips are also recycled aluminum. They also use 100% post-consumer recycled displays and biodegradable packaging peanuts. 

My Eco Lips Review
[I received 4 Eco Lips balms for review and I'm going to share my thoughts about each of them individually]

Eco Lips Gold
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Look & Feel: The texture is a little creamier and thicker so it would be nice to use if you have chapped or damaged lips since it will give them more protection from the elements. It'd be perfect for those that live in climates that get below-zero weather like here in Minnesota!

Scent: It is unscented and unflavored which was a little disappointing to me but would be good for someone that was sensitive to smells. It'd also be good for men that shy away from lip balms because of a 'girly' scent. 

Benefits: It is USDA certified organic and is made with organic jojoba oil. If you're trying to be more 'green' then this is a good product for you. For the review, I also received mine with an Eco Clip which you can clip to your purse to easily find it. 

Eco Tints Sugar Plum
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Look & Feel: This one feels nice but has a little grit to it because of the shimmer in it. Its not rough though, and it feels like a mix between lipsticks and lip balm. Its a tint so it adds color to your lips in a nice subtle look. 

Scent: I picked sugar plum which pertains to the color, not the scent. It smells just like a tube of lipstick. 

Benefits: If you like the color you get from lipstick but it dries out your lips, this is perfect for you. Its also nice to have in your purse in case you're running and need to dress it up a bit. It'd be good for younger girls that aren't quite ready for lipstick yet too. 

Eco Lips Medicinal Lip Balm
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Look & Feel: It looks yellow in the tube but goes on clear. Its a little thicker than your normal lip balm because it is medicinal and meant for use with cold sores. It feels nice on your lips which is great if you get cold sores like I do! 

Scent: The scent is nice and soothing and relaxes you a bit. Its not overpowering at all. 

Benefits: This lip balm contains organic tea tree oil, camphor, lemon balm, calendula and L-Lysine are known to aid in the healing of cold sores. Cold sores are such a pain to being with so having something that will help heal and soothe your lips is great. 

Dagoba Roseberry
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Look & Feel: I love this one! It feels nice and smooth and gives your lips a slight chocolate colored tint. 

Scent: The smell of this one is so great! You put it on and get a nice scent of a chocolate covered berry. I found myself pursing my lips just to smell it from time to time, lol

Benefits: Its USDA certified organic lip balm with cocoa powder, raspberry flavor and rosehip oil. If you like chocolate, then you'll be putting this on all the time. 

The lovely people at Eco Lips are giving away their Eco Lips Gold lip balm with an Eco Clip! 
Enter the giveaway below- good luck! :)
[I received Eco Lips balms for review purposes. All opinions are my own based on my experience.]


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